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Our passion is to lead by example - to make the impossible possible

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Sam Hanney

Owner | Program Design Director | Performance & Change Specialist

U Fit is about you and to give you the best, I have trained and studied with the best!

Knowledge, and the experience of transforming hundreds of clients, has given me a depth of coaching that I feel is second to none. A U Fit member receives the attention to detail they won’t have experienced before...and the results? They are body and life changing.

I will let our U Fit family speak for themselves.

"Someone who has helped me improve my health and overall mindset immeasurably through his unique coaching skills. Total dedication to get you through any perceived barriers and challenge your limiting beliefs” – Ricky Chauhan.

Helen Gribble

Program Designer | Performance & Change Specialist

I’ve been to a few gyms in Leicester before but never to one like U Fit Studio.

When I arrived three years ago it was the first step in a journey that took me to the person that I could only dream of being today. I had bounced from diet to diet for several years, not seeing results and not understanding how I could make a change.

Being a member of U Fit helped me change not only my body but also my mindset and ignited my passion in all things fitness related.

My journey from client to coach has not only given me an insight into how change feels, it has also given me a passion to learn and share that knowledge with others.

My drive is to help others see their own potential just as I have found mine.

SUMIT Sondagar

Performance & Change Specialist

My passion for sport came naturally, whilst growing up in a family who are die-hard cricket fans!  My interest in sports grew from cricket and eventually led me to explore other sports such as football, badminton and swimming, which married up nicely with general health, wellbeing and holistic subjects such as nutrition and yoga.

As a coach at U Fit Studio, my drive is to help people at every stage of their journey; be it physical or psychological, and make the U Fit journey fun, enjoyable and filled with wonderful lifelong memories!

My passion is to help transform people into the best individuals and help them go beyond expectations.

Danielle Campos


Ironically it was my love of food that first lead me to U fit Studio... I've always loved cooking and creating delicious recipes but years spent overindulging interspersed by short term periods of deprivation, left me overweight, unhealthy and unhappy with my appearance.

I've learnt that actually, fat loss doesn't have to be boring and with a bit of creativity in the kitchen, healthy eating can be enjoyable, fun and you never have to feel deprived or eat boring, plain meals. 

My passion is to share this knowledge with others, supporting and providing them with the tools and guidance to help them to realise that actually, sometimes, you can have your cake and eat it and still be the best version of yourself! 


We've Got Your Back Team Manager

Being a client myself allows me to see things from a unique perspective. I can understand what it is like to be a client. We are all different, face individual challenges and goals and are at varying stages of our journey. Going through my own journey, I know that helping others is what I wanted to do.

I joined U Fit studio in March 2016, unhappy, fed up and wanting to change. I knew I needed someone to keep me motivated and accountable to my goals.

Now as part of the We’ve Got Your Back Team, I am the happiest, fittest and healthiest I have ever been. As my journey continues to evolve, I am becoming the person I am now and will be in the future.


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