Rosaleen Mckay

Rosaleen Mckay - Story

Where were you pre D1S?

Never been a gym person, never went to any classes. At one point I did have a personal trainer but that didn't even work for me.

What was the turning point to take action?

I've had high blood pressure now for a while and was prescribed medication. I took it for a time but stopped deciding that I wanted to find an alternative route to lowering it. Plus I am at an age where things will start to go wrong etc. and I need to prevent rather than cure.

What happened when you joined the challenge? What surprised you?

Firstly how supportive everyone is, coaches, other group members and also the studio members. i didn't know much about the challenge and was happily surprised that it was not just about exercise but also nutrition, mindset, sleep, accountability, all the ingredients which lead to a healthy lifestyle.

What are some of the biggest changes you noticed during the 8 week challenge?

If you set your mind to achieve no matter how difficult it might be at times, you will succeed. It may seem impossible to reach steps targets at times but if you put yourself you there, get up that extra hour when it is so easy to turn around and go back to sleep, you will hit the target. If you give more thought to what you eat, eating habits......writing it down, it will remain in your head. I think about what I eat now, what is needed, how much is needed for me to live a healthy life. Exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindset are all related, it's not only about exercise.

How do you feel now?

Amazing, slim, educated, fitter and most importantly for me healthier. I am also so proud of myself for persevering considering how I have never enjoyed any kind of exercise.