Rachel Baxter

Where were you before you started at U Fit Studio?

Before I joined U Fit I was seeing a personal trainer twice a week but I wasn't loosing any weight & kept sustaining injuries to my back and knees.

What was your turning point that you decided to take action?

I decided to take part in a D2S challenge as I felt I needed support with my food and nutrition

What happened when you joined U Fit Studio? What surprised you?

I was more surprised with how friendly and supportive all the members are - I had never trained in a Gym where clients reassured you that you would achieve your goals.

What are some of the biggest changes you've noticed during your membership?

Since becoming part of the U Fit family I have lost the weight and body fat that I needed to lose but most surprisingly I have regained my self confidence

How do you feel now?

I feel as though I can take anything life throws at me & most of all I am the strongest and healthiest I have been in years. Thanks to the expertise and support of Sam and his amazing team.