Muahammad Haji

Where were you before you started at U Fit Studio?

I was almost 80kg, with 30% body fat. I had low self esteem and bad habits. I also lacked confidence.

What was your turning point that you decided to take action?

I'd look in the mirror each day, and just knew something had to change.

What happened when you joined U Fit Studio? What surprised you?

I think what surprised me the most was the fact that, at least in the first instance, it was about making small consistent changes to my life. The accountability and sessions combined with these changes are what made the biggest impact.

What are some of the biggest changes you've noticed during your membership?

I certainly look better, but I'm also really amazed by how I feel. I feel very confident.

How do you feel now?

I feel great! Very motivated to keep going and becoming an even better version of myself!