Sometimes we want something very badly, such as weightloss, but whatever we do, it just doesn't seem to happen. Or when it does, it's just so very stressful we wonder if it was really worth it after all. Sometimes life deals us events that completely blindside us, often filling us with emotions that are difficult to handle, let alone resolve. Or sometimes we know - or think we know - what we want, but we don't seem to want it enough to go and get it, so end up stuck in a frustrating loop of hope and disappointment.

Compassionate NLP exists to guide you safely - and quickly - through these difficult times.

Using tried and tested methods from therapy and coaching (including timeline techniques, NLP, EFT, and Core Transformation) you will rapidly experience relief from your symptoms and begin moving forwards again in your life.

'Therapy' sounds like lots of difficult talking, but that's not how I work. Instead, in a handful of focused sessions I show you, and guide you, though letting go of trapped, painful emotions (like anxiety, sadness, guilt, frustration), help you shift the inner blocks holding you back, and steer you in a motivating direction that is achievable and in line with your goals and values. 

Here are some kind words from other people who have used Compassionate NLP

  • 'No matter my difficulty, level of pain or hurt, Stefan has always managed to help me. I recommend him to you without hesitation.'
  • 'I came to Stefan in a real state and by the time I left I literally felt I had lost half the weight I had been carrying around. Stefan is compassionate as a counsellor but also so genuine and honest as a person. Highly recommended.'
  • 'Stefan is very welcoming and puts you at ease. I've no idea how he does it, but I feel far more positive about the challenges I face following on from my initial appointment. Next one is booked'

Compassionate NLP

Stefan Dziewanowski

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