Karen Preston


Initial goal was to lose weight and feel more confident.

Did you achieve it?

Oh yes, and a lot more! I went from a size 16/18 to an 8. My initial goal was to get to a size 10/12 but I enjoyed the journey so much I continued and got to a size 8. I have been an 8 in the past for short periods but only through crash dieting and I looked skinny / unwell. Now I look and feel fit and healthy.

How your life has changed since adopting the U Fit philosophy?

The UFit philosophy has changed my life for the better without a doubt. Healthy and sustainable habits are now embedded and I feel more confident than ever before and have a belief in myself that never existed prior to U Fit.

I am doing things I never thought would be possible, for example I did a bikini photo shoot earlier this year and have recently entered for a half marathon. Both of which I would have fallen over laughing if anyone said I would be doing these things! I feel fully equipped to maintain my progress for life as U Fit teaches you not only how to exercise but about nutrition and lifestyle too. It helps you step by step create healthy habits that you want to continue with because you feel the benefits of looking and feeling better about yourself.