Jill Chandler

Where were you before you joined the D2S challenge?

Before joining the challenge I was feeling totally frustrated with the whole diet and exercise regime. My morning would start with jumping on the scales only to find they were going in the wrong direction, skip breakfast and go to the gym – day in day out – it was always the same.

How were you feeling?

I was feeling unfit and overweight.

What was your turning point to make you take action?

Last year I saw a friend who was looking great – I asked her what had she been doing to look so slim and well. Her reply was D2S! At that point I thought she was going to talk about another crazy diet; she explained what it was and I took note of it but didn’t do anything about it then. After Christmas I was the heaviest weight! I finally felt I needed to do something about it and that’s when I made the phone call. I was very nervous about going to U Fit Studio – I was comfortable at my old gym, doing my thing and meeting my friends but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone.

What happened when you joined the challenge? What surprised you?

I arrived at U Fit to a very warm welcome and met Sam. He asked me loads of questions about my lifestyle and I knew within 5 minutes this was the place I wanted to be. I joined the challenge and was surrounded with people who were positive about the challenge too. This really helped me as I didn’t feel I was doing this on my own. The support from the U Fit team was amazing. They were always there to listen and advise me in anything I was unsure of. The classes were great and I started to feel slimmer, stronger and happier as the weeks went by. I was very surprised by my weight loss – I have never lost that amount of weight ever!! I often get the question how have you done it? It’s simple really – I took on board what the U Fit coaches told me to do with exercise and nutrition and that’s how I got my results.

How do you feel now?

Being part of U Fit was one of my best decisions I’ve made! It is so much more than a gym and will help you achieve your goals and become fitter and healthier!