Jaymini Tailor

Where were you before you joined and became a client of our studio? How were you feeling?

Before joining U Fit in March 2016, I had not stepped foot into a gym in over 4 years. I had pushed the idea of losing weight and becoming healthier to the back of my mind – something I thought was impossible to achieve.

I delved into this thought occasionally, the thought of losing weight, the constant inspirational weight loss stories I kept seeing on my Instagram which in fact made me feel worse about myself. I hated the way I looked, the way I felt, getting upset every time I thought about this.

I felt fat, ugly and got it into my mind I was being judged and laughed at by everyone around me. I started to eat more – but not the right kinds of food, ‘treating’ myself to a McDonald’s meal or a dessert because I needed something to ‘pick me up’ and make me happy.

All this was really doing was creating a deeper hole and having an adverse effect on how I felt making it even more difficult to change my habits and my lifestyle. I was unhappy, depressed; I had no drive and no energy, no focus, no aspirations and no willingness to create the best version of myself.

What was your turning point when you decided to take action?

In Feb 2016 I started a new job, something I had always wanted to do. I was finally happy – in my career that is. It was this change that made it even more apparent that I needed to change the way I looked.  I thought to myself “if I am capable of landing my dream job, I knew I was capable of working on other areas of my life – particularly losing weight, and most importantly feeling good about myself”. It was a Friday afternoon, the day I decided to join the skinny jeans challenge. I was sat at work just after my lunch break. Having eaten a large KFC meal, with 2 triple chocolate cookies…… I said to myself I can’t carry on like this any longer.

Why had you not joined in the past?

I had always hated the idea of the gym and felt I would never have the time to make a real difference. The thought of walking into a gym, knowing what to do in there and working out for an hour or two petrified me. Worrying about what people might think of me, laugh at me.. “look how fat she is”, “look at her stomach pouring out over her trousers”.. or “look at the size of her legs, they are like tree trunks”.

What happened when you joined? What surprised you?

I can remember the first day I stepped into U Fit like it was yesterday – I was so close to deciding not to go. I was terrified, what was I about to agree to doing? What would people I have never met before think of me?

The first meeting was overwhelming, I felt like I had been overloaded with information I would never get my head around. How would I cook all of my food? How would I fit all of my training sessions in with work? How would I do 7000 steps a day? Everyone was so helpful, the coaches were friendly, honest and really seemed like they cared.

I was surprised at the support of the members, it felt like a family and everyone was supportive. The workouts were a complete new experience, I had never lifted a weight in my life before stepping foot into U Fit. The semi-private training sessions were great and the one to ones with your coach are invaluable.

What are some of the biggest changes you noticed during the first several months of your membership?

I noticed I began to actually listen to how I felt – something I had always brushed under the carpet and ignored. I started to confront my feelings, challenge myself, learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, stepping outside of my comfort zone all with the support of Caroline and Sam, and of course the other members.

I realised I was actually looking forward to training, I enjoy my sessions and love the feeling of upping your weights and feeling the burn!

I have made some amazing friends at U Fit, people who genuinely care and support you, likeminded people who have the same interests.

Food has been one of the biggest changes; I never used to cook a year ago. Now I prep all my meals for the week at the weekend, and actually enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with various ingredients and flavours meaning I look forward to my food!

Another big change is my mindset and outlook on life, and also with training. It was like a ‘switch’ was flicked in my mind. I am confident , more than I have ever been before and dreamed of being, I am happy with the way I look but know I also have the drive to keep pushing forward, able to have a conversation with someone and not be worried about what they are thinking of me, not worrying and simply enjoying life.

How do you feel now?

For the first time in my life, I am happy. Happy with the way I look, happy with what I see when I look in the mirror, proud of myself for what I have achieved in the past 12 months not just physically but also mentally. I am excited for the future, to embrace life and continue this amazing journey at U Fit!