Georgia Cropper

Georgia Cropper - Story

Where were you pre D1S?

Unconfident, confused about food - bad habits around snacking, too big portions, inactive and essentially not happy with where I was

What was the turning point to take action?

I was fed up of not being happy but not doing anything about it. I had just finished university and about to start my next step in my life - why not now? When would I have a better opportunity?

What happened when you joined the challenge? What surprised you?

The coaches and the whole team were so welcoming and I felt at ease straight away! It's so unlike any other gym because people actually care. The support you eat through everything is amazing

What are some of the biggest changes you noticed during the 8 week challenge?

I've visibly lost weight but the biggest change is how I feel about myself. I feel so much more confident and happy with myself

How do you feel now?

Amazing! Confident, happy and so so glad I did this