Debbie Neath


To lose weight, feel happier and get fitter so that I can pursue my hobby for as long as possible. I originally said that I wanted to be a size 16 – from a 24.

Did you achieve it?

Every mini goal has been achieved on target – sometimes early. It’s an ongoing thing though – as soon as one is achieved another is set. The last pair of jeans I managed to fasten were size 10s so the original goal of 16 is miles behind me.

How has your life has changed since adopting the U Fit philosophy?

Well apart from the obvious being smaller I have now gone back to my hobby of being on stage due to feeling better about myself and being fitter. I have a different relationship with food now. I never say I’m on a diet, I just eat differently.

If I do have a bit of a lapse, I know that it‘s not the end of the world and it doesn’t “ruin” anything. I am able to still live my life whilst eating healthily instead of saying “oh I can’t eat that”, I can fit it into my lifestyle. I allow myself treats (particularly a certain brand of ice cream) and just let that be part of my eating philosophy.

I have certainly faced some challenges over the last few months and I seriously believe I couldn’t have got through if it wasn’t for U Fit and the people there. It’s now a way of life rather than just a gym for me.