Danielle Campos

Where were you before you joined and became a client of our studio?

Stuck in a miserable cycle of yoyo dieting, typically ‘dieting ‘during the week and binging at weekends… searching for a form of exercise I would enjoy and get results, trying everything from running, gym classes, home workout programs online… I could not seem to find anything that I enjoyed enough to stick too and therefore I was getting no results and slowly gaining more and more weight

How were you feeling?

I felt very unhappy with how I looked and felt, frumpy and lacking energy I just felt unhealthy, I knew I was overweight and I was desperate to do something about it. I knew I needed a complete lifestyle change but I had no idea where to start. This was affecting all areas of my life and I was very under confident.

What was your turning point that you decide to take action?

My 30th birthday in January 2016 made me revaluate where I was and I made the decision that I did not want to carry on living as I was into my 30’s. I quit smoking and started searching for a way to get fit and healthy! I heard about U fit and the 6 week skinny jeans challenge and it sounded like exactly the kickstart I needed. I signed up immediately and couldn’t wait to get started!

Why had you not joined in the past?

I had enquired about U fit membership in the past (June 2015) but felt that I couldn’t afford the membership at that stage.

What happened when you joined?

One of the first things we were asked to do was to post a video of ourselves into the private facebook group and share our reasons for taking part in the challenge and what we hoped to achieve… this pushed me out of my comfort zone immediately but actually it was exactly what I needed! The videos became a daily requirement as part of the challenge and in the end I enjoyed doing them each day and found them invaluable. Myself and the other participants would meet every Saturday at the studio receive guidance on nutrition and mindset, again very much pushing us out of our comfort zones. I threw myself into the challenge and followed all of the guidance the coaches gave us to the letter including training at the studio 3 times a week, doing a minimum of 10000 steps and eating healthy nutritious food slowly until I felt full.

What surprised you?

How much I enjoyed the challenge and managing to adjust my mindset away from short term dieting mentality to a lifestyle change. I was also surprised by the impact it had on other areas of my life and the confidence it gave me to make changes I had put off for a long time.

What were some of the biggest changes you noticed during the first several months of your membership?

A total shift in mindset from being stuck in a rut to being absolutely 100% focussed on my goal. I actually enjoyed training at the studio and genuinely looked forward to my sessions there. I saw results pretty much straight away losing several lbs/inches in my first week. I gradually changed the way I ate, prepping all of my meals from scratch starting with simple, basic recipes and built up my confidence quickly to be much more experimental in the kitchen! I stopped looking to junk food as a treat and once a week would bake clean, healthy ‘treats’ myself so I never felt deprived. I felt a huge improvement in my overall wellbeing which increased more and more as the months went on.

How do you feel now?

I feel amazing, I reached my fat loss goal in October 2016 and to celebrate the coaches at U fit arranged for me to have a photo shoot at the studio which was very motivating during those last couple of months! (There is no pressure like knowing you are going to have to wear tiny shorts and a sports bra in front of a camera!) I love my new body shape but most of all I love how it makes me feel, I wake up at 5am each morning to start my day absolutely full of energy and raring to go. I am looking forward to setting new goals and smashing them and I am confident that I can do this with the amazing support that I receive from U fit.