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Types of Vegetarian

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When thinking about the term vegetarian or vegan, most people will commonly associate the term with someone that does not eat meat. However, the reality for most vegetarians is much more complicated.

There are several different types of vegetarians, based on certain food groups that they will eat, and those that they will not.

Take some time to look at social media, and you will find a multitude of different groups set up to support each different type of vegetarianism on offer.

As a separate label on their own, vegans will not eat any food sources that are animal based, which extends to dairy and eggs. For those that are strict vegan that will also mean that they will not wear any clothing from animal resources for example leather.

Looking at vegetarians specifically, there are five different sub-sections that are set out.



Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians



Looking at each of these to understand what they mean:

Lacto- Vegetarians will eat fruit, vegetables and dairy products but not eggs, seafood, or meat.

Ovo-Vegetarians will eat fruit vegetables and eggs. However, they will not eat dairy, fish or meat.

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians will eat fruit, vegetables, dairy and eggs, however, will abstain from fish or meat.

Pescatarians will eat fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs and fish but not meat.

Finally, we have flexitarians. They will eat fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs and all meats occasionally (maybe twice a week)

The reality is that without knowing it you may already fall under one of these categories regarding what you currently prefer to eat.

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