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It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

I loved the word splurge. To me, it is was the open door of going crazy and eating myself into oblivion - nom, nom, nom.

When I joined U Fit, I was delighted that the idea of treating myself was not off the menu, that it wasn't the case that I couldn't eat what I wanted, that it was to be mindful of my choices.

I planned my splurges with details; it had to be Friday night, it had to be with my best mate, and it had to be big - really big. My spurge ended up being a takeaway, ice cream and some wine, well maybe half a bottle.

When I sat down with my coach I already felt guilty, I knew that I had gone too far. We talked about my choices and why I had made them, why I had built a ritual around over indulging. I realised that I had to change not only what I ate but how I prepared for it.

I decided that my splurges would be in the middle of the week and not the weekend, that they would be when I had achieved a goal, a goal that I had to work towards. They would be more often but would be much smaller.

As soon as I started, I knew that it worked better for me. Instead of building a splurge into a big event, I began to see it as a moment that I would enjoy, that wasn't huge but was more often.

By breaking down my splurges and taking away the over-planning,I still enjoyed what I ate without feeling guilty. ☺
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