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Pay into my health


Here is the latest Blog from Coach Helen Gribble – ENJOY!

I had a great job, a nice car, a house and a television that was large enough to block out the sun, I had everything that I needed in life, or at least I thought I did.

It came to the point where I realised that while I had lots of 'stuff', I didn't have my health.

Sure, I wasn't 'ill', but I wasn't the picture of health either. My clothes size had rocketed, my energy levels were low, I drank a lot and smoked…a lot.

When I joined U Fit, I took the opportunity to look at my health differently. I wanted to invest in my health in the same way that I had spent in my career, home and belongings. After all, my body is the one thing that I would carry around with me for life, and I hadn't even given it a lick of paint!!

At times, it got tough, training was hard, and food choices were challenging, I would remind myself of what I was putting my time and energy into….myself.

Throughout a year my investment paid out, and I could add my health my list of achievements. I realise now that investing in my body and health was the greatest thing that I could ever do, and is one that even today I continue to pay into.

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