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Pause Mentality


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How often do you press pause on your health and fitness goals? Is it work, family or friends that results in everything coming to a full stop?

When pausing happens the thought process is always the same; "It's okay, I started this before, I can start it again". The challenge with this thinking is that it's always about 'starting again'.

As people we become skilled at taking things back to step one, never moving forwards and extending the time in which we reach our goals.

Each time we pause and reset, we build the habit further and strengthen our ability to put our goals on hold.

Releasing the pause button and heading past step one is a challenge. While it might feel like there's a need to take it from step one up to step 5, it's better to aim for step two. Aiming for just a little bit more rather than giving it everything you've got.

Moving through life and pausing your health goals will only have one outcome, it stays right where it is.

It's time to start now.

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