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Here is the latest Blog from Coach Helen Gribble – ENJOY!

I admit that I fell in love with training; it was as if a whole new world had been opened to me and I loved it. Joining U fit gave me access to a whole new world of looking after myself and I wanted to do that…..all the time.

I loved training so much that I would do anything that I could to make sure that I never missed a training session. My coach had told me that three times a week was enough, and my results were fantastic, I didn't need to do anymore.

What I didn't tell my coach was that I was training more than that, in fact, I was finding a way to exercise every day.

After the first couple of weeks, the strain started to show. I wasn't performing well in my training sessions; in fact, I was getting weaker. On top of that my body felt hammered and I was so tired.

I couldn't understand why when I was putting so much effort in! I finally admitted to my coach how much I was training. He explained to me instead of helping me overtraining was being detrimental and not giving me the benefits that I wanted.

Through being at U Fit, I have learnt that everything in life is about moderation and that exercise is no different.

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