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Not fighting the process


Here is the latest Blog from Coach Helen Gribble – ENJOY!

After years of trying multiple different ways of dropping dress sizes, I was disillusioned by the whole thought that at some point in my life my body could be the size that I wanted.

Having spent so many hours of my life on a treadmill exercise to me was something that I had to endure to allow myself the snickers bar that I wanted when I got home….or on the walk back!

By the time I joined U Fit Studio somewhere in the back of my mind I had thought;

"This is just another thing to try…. I know deep down how this will end…. internal sigh…"

A couple of weeks in and sure enough I thought that I wasn't making the progress that I would have liked. I was not seeing enough change and the small voice that was telling me this was just another fad was getting louder.

I sat down with my coach and discussed this with him, that I was not feeling that I was making any difference to my body. He told me to be patient, to trust in the process and that it would happen.

Being so used to every attempt before not being successful I found the thought of trusting the process difficult.

I had not realised that by recalling every previous failure, I was fighting against the change that I wanted right now. Letting go of what I had attempted before was the key to being present in the change that my body and mindset were going through.

Trust was the biggest lesson that I had learned.

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