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Mini Goals


Here is the latest Blog from Coach Helen Gribble – ENJOY! 

When I started at U Fit my goals were big….in fact to me they were huge mountains that stood before me. In my head, as I looked up that mountain, it seemed the summit was out of sight, that I would never gain what I wanted.

From talking to my coach, I knew that it was achievable, I knew that I could do it and yet it was so far away.

As time passed and I started to climb towards my goal I realised that whilst dropping dress sizes was my main goal I also felt I wanted more to drive me along the way.

At first, it was small, I wanted to complete reps with perfect form, next it was increasing my weights on a certain exercise. Each time I succeeded I felt a further push forward towards the next mini-goal. I started to look at the way that I could make my nutrition better. How could I prepare my food better? how could I plan out my week? Look at my food portions? Before long I had a multitude of small goals running alongside the greater goal of losing dress sizes.

Through using smaller goals along with my journey, I enjoyed moments of feeling success. Even on occasions when the scales didn't give me the number I was hoping for I could look back and appreciate all the goals that I had achieved in my journey.

Now, having hit the summit of my goal, I keep climbing in my mind. I am still looking for new goals to drive me forwards. Some of them are whole new mountains to climb and some are still tiny steps to make.

Whatever size goal they are I use them all to push me forwards and now I know that no goal is too big or too out of reach.

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