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Mindset change


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If I think back now to the woman that I was when I started at U Fit Studio I don't think that I would recognise her. It's not just that physically I was a different woman, although that's very true. It's more about how I used to think about myself and about my life.

I used to think that how I felt about my body and about my life was 'just how it was'. I thought that everyone felt the same as me and therefore it was what I should accept, that to expect, or want, more was just not an option. After being at U Fit for only a few months my mindset started to change.

I started to think more about myself, and what changes I wanted to see around me. Sitting down with my coach wasn't always about nutrition, it was about also about me as a person, what was impacting my personal growth. It took time to adjust to putting myself first, to think about my happiness and growth before those around me. More importantly it took time to face up to the fears that I had and take action, rather than waiting for change to happen to me.

Within six months I had started to make substantial changes to my life. Yes, I had lost a couple of dress sizes and felt more confident and in turn that confidence supported me to learn how to drive. Within a year I was in the best shape of my adult life and in turn I wanted to learn more about nutrition and how to help others achieve the changes that I had.

Along with my body, my mindset had changed. I learned how to expect and want more for myself, to not accept things that I had the power to change. I am now more my true self than I have ever been and I may not have recognised the old me but I love the new one.

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