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It is transformation Tuesday and what better way than to highlight one of our very own.

Over the course of 2019, Jo Lines will be sharing her INCREDIBLE transformation story week to week - from joining one of our renowned Challenges to continuing her journey and SMASHING through the hurdles and barriers that came along the way.

Enjoy the journey and be INSPIRED!

U-Fit for me as my safe place.It is somewhere I can go to relax before a session after a tough day at work.I normally give myself 15 minutes or so before a MET class for instance to take time out and read and relax.

This also gives me some time on training days for me which I have learnt since joining U-Fit is also very important.

I have a full-time challenging job and my time at U-Fit helps me make time to reflect and re-focus on my goals and also let go of any issues that may arise during the day.
#SundayFunday Food
#SundayFunday Food

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