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It is transformation Tuesday and what better way than to highlight one of our very own.

Over the course of 2019, Jo Lines will be sharing her INCREDIBLE transformation story week to week - from joining one of our renowned Challenges to continuing her journey and SMASHING through the hurdles and barriers that came along the way.

Enjoy the journey and be INSPIRED!

The weekend is here again.This is one part of the week that I do find more challenging.

I head into the weekend in exactly the right frame of mind.Strength training on a Friday morning then MET class on a Saturday morning.

As Saturday night looms I start having thoughts along the lines of "it's the weekend let's let my hair down"

"It wont matter if I eat what I want"etc etc

For me, if I listen to "my chimp" then it affects me for longer than just the weekend.Again more work required mentally to help me deal with these thoughts, stick to plan and achieve my goals.
Cutting out fat
Follow Jo's U Fit Journey

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