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It is transformation Tuesday and what better way than to highlight one of our very own.

Over the course of 2019, Jo Lines will be sharing her INCREDIBLE transformation story week to week - from joining one of our renowned Challenges to continuing her journey and SMASHING through the hurdles and barriers that came along the way.

Enjoy the journey and be INSPIRED!

Each week we would have an accountability meeting. I found these meetings invaluable. I had met lots of new people all of whom wanted to achieve the same as me, to fit into their smaller clothes. It felt already like a small family and it was great to hear people's challenges and positives on a weekly basis, it was also great to see the physical and mental changes going on with others.

Accountability made us all re-focus each week, keep motivated and learn from each other's mistakes and achievements big or small.

This challenge was the best and most enjoyable learning curve in every way and I looked forward to continuing to enjoy and soak up more and more information.

Accountability was always followed by MET class for me. MET is always so much fun and gets that heart pumping.

For the first few weeks, by the time round three came around I had stitch, but I persevered. As the weeks went by, I noticed that the stitch didn't come on until round four and then not at all, I must therefore be getting fitter. Everything new is hard in the beginning, but I had faith and determination in myself, I knew that I could do this and with the U-fit Team support there was no question that I was going to meet my goals!

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