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We continue the incredible transformation story of Jaymini. Throughout the year, Jaymini will give us an insight into her journey with U Fit Studio, explain how she went from a size 16/18 to a size 6 and lost over 4 stone. 

Weekly accountability sessions

Unlike the first skinny jeans challenge, I do find myself looking forward to the accountability sessions. I enjoy seeing everyone else taking part in the challenge, and hearing of their successes and areas where they may have struggled. I feel I am able to provide some insight and experience and often share a lot of their hurdles, from when I took part in the first challenge.

It feels really positive to be able to offer my advice, and what is also a great step for me is feeling able to speak up within a group, and share how I feel!

I have also felt I can share some of my food ideas with the group, for examples ways of adding more veg into meals, ensuring you hit your step target each day and planning meals in advance.

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