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We continue the incredible transformation story of Jaymini. Throughout the year, Jaymini will give us an insight into her journey with U Fit Studio, explain how she went from a size 16/18 to a size 6 and lost over 4 stone. 

Fatigue and feeling unwell

There is a cold doing the rounds at work, and I seem to have picked it up unfortunately. I woke up today with zero energy and felt really fatigued and as if I could sleep for days on end.

I powered through and went for my morning walk before work and did feel better as the day went on. I had a training session booked in the evening and decided I would still go to it despite feeling a little under the weather still.

My coach advised me that I could still train; however decrease the total volume by only doing 1-2 sets instead of 4, and finish with a 10 minute steady bike ride.

The session did feel really tough, and although it was difficult I remained lifting the same weights and didn't decrease any. The bike ride made me feel better at the end, and I was proud of myself for carrying on and going to train despite how I felt.

Mindset change