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We continue the incredible transformation story of Jaymini. Throughout the year, Jaymini will give us an insight into her journey with U Fit Studio, explain how she went from a size 16/18 to a size 6 and lost over 4 stone.

Experimenting with food

During the Christmas break I took some time to think about how my food in particular has changed over the past 3/4 months especially. I have begun to experiment more with food and creating new dishes that are compliant however not your typical 'chicken, rice and veg' meal!

Food is always something that has excited me and I have always loved to cook. However pre U Fit, this would mean I would not pay attention to specific macros per meal (protein, carbs or fat) and use tons of oil whilst cooking, hardly eat and vegetables and laden most of my food with mayonnaise, hot sauce or a combination of both!

Going back to basics a little, I now cook 95% of my meals from scratch each week. I food prep on a Sunday for the whole week now and this means I have to prepare at least 20 meals or so, as I am now eating on average 4 meals per day.

I have also started sharing a lot of my meals on my Instagram account and the level of interaction and followers is increasing! It feels good to be able to share my journey with others, to help inspire and share my progress or any not so good days!

I also still enjoy a treat or splurge 2 to 3 times a week, I plan this into my week on a Sunday for the week ahead, and look forward to a treat at the weekend. Last Saturday I had a movie night at my cousins and we made tortilla pizzas with chicken and lots of veg, and had a slice of cheesecake after, it was beaut.
Peanut Butter