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We continue the incredible transformation story of Jaymini. Throughout the year, Jaymini will give us an insight into her journey with U Fit Studio, explain how she went from a size 16/18 to a size 6 and lost over 4 stone.

2017 and Reflecting on 2016

It's the 2nd of Jan 2017, and today I am feeling really grateful for everything I have learnt in 2016. I am so glad I stumbled across U Fit last Feb and without sounding exaggerative, it has really changed my life. I have made choices I never thought I would have the strength to make, I have changed my food behaviour and relationship with food, learnt to cook meals from scratch using fresh, wholesome ingredients and stick to a gym routine. I have lost a total of 19 kg – nearly 3 stones, and 28 total inches in 10 months and most importantly I am on a never ending journey of learning to love myself and become the best possible version of myself.

I have made some amazing friends at U Fit who have now become some of the closest people to me and showed me the true meaning of a good friend!

I am so excited for what 2017 will bring – both in my fitness goals and life aspirations.

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