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We continue the incredible transformation story of Jaymini. Throughout the year, Jaymini will give us an insight into her journey with U Fit Studio, explain how she went from a size 16/18 to a size 6 and lost over 4 stone.

Activity levels, food and habits whilst being away

I have arrived in New York! I am staying with family whilst away. It is actually my first time seeing them in a few years, and of course since I have lost some weight. Their initial reactions caused me to be quite emotional, but in a happy sense.

It is super cold here at the moment, it feels like it is way below -4 which it currently is. I know my way around the city pretty well by now, and I have been venturing into the city alone most days, catching the local bus into the city and finding my way around without using the Subway – there is something so liberating and exciting about this! Exploring the city at my own pace, wondering around the endearing Christmas markets, and sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by; it is amazing.

As you can imagine I have been doing a lot of walking and averaging 17000 to 18000 steps each day which I am happy with, although I haven't brought the most comfortable walking boots with me and blisters are already impending.

When I sat down with my coach last week before I came out here I decided I would ensure my activity levels stay relatively high by continuing to walk and get my steps in, as well as possibly strength training or another form of cardio. I have brought my current gym programme with me, and may decide to train tomorrow. I have also been to a Vinyasa yoga class with my cousin which was an unreal experience, it was so hot in there I thought I was going to pass out within 5 minutes but I survived the whole 90 minute class.

My food choices whilst being away have also been wise, there are lots of healthier options and cafes to eat at in the city which I have enjoyed trying! I particularly liked a little cafe called "The Little Beet" where you can create your own meal with a protein source, a carb and a selection of veggies! It was delicious and I opted for sweet potato wedges with a cranberry and kale roasted veg selection with a chicken breast. It feels great being able to use the habits I have learnt from the past 9 months at U Fit effectively!

I have also done a little shopping whilst out here, and today I went into the amazing Adidas store near Fifth Ave- I was literally in activewear heaven!!!! I decided to be brave and do something out of my comfort zone and try on a pair of XS leggings and to my amazement, they fitted! WOW!

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