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Today we continue the inspirational story of Danielle.

Throughout the year, Danielle will share her amazing story of transformation as she explains how she went from a size 14 to a size 6, changed her mindset, training and nutrition, and lost over 2 stone in weight.


I mentioned in a previous post that I began meditating as part of the process to reduce stress. I had in the past practiced mediation on a regular basis, before I discovered u fit, I experienced huge benefits from this in all aspects of my life but for whatever reason I had stopped doing it. Therefore when it was suggested by my coach that I try it, I happily implemented this again. There are lots of resources out there to practice guided mediation such as the 'headspace' app which are fab but I personally prefer a simple technique called Vipassana meditation which I learned from my dad who has practiced mediation for years. Basically it is just focusing on your breath and noticing any distractions and letting them go. This is easier said than done and takes time to really be able to sit and focus for long periods. It really makes you aware of how busy our minds really areā€¦ I started by setting a timer for 5 minutes and built this up to about 20 minutes a day. Ideally first thing in the morning but I fit this into my day where I can always aiming for a minimum of 5 minutes. Sometimes it is easier than other times and it really takes practice and discipline, and I still miss days, but I know 100% when I incorporate meditation into my daily routine it has a huge impact on my mindset, mental health and overall wellbeing.

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