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Today we continue the inspirational story of Danielle.

Throughout the year, Danielle will share her amazing story of transformation as she explains how she went from a size 14 to a size 6, changed her mindset, training and nutrition, and lost over 2 stone in weight.

Reducing training

After several months I was feeling much better overall but unfortunately my period had still not returned, I went back to my GP who ran some tests and did an ultrasound, all came back normal so he referred me to an endocrinologist and recommended in the mean timethat I reduce my exercise from training 5 x per week to 2 x per week. He commented that it was the first time he had ever had to tell anyone to exercise less rather than more haha! This was again quite a challenge for me as I was so used to my routine of training and really enjoyed it. I discussed this with my coach and he suggested I implement something relaxing in the place of the 3 training sessions rather than letting it turn into dead time. So I began to do some very gentle yoga sessions at home, guided by youtube videos, in place of the strength training. This was hard to begin with as I find things like this quite boring and get distracted easily and find myself wanting to do something more fast paced. However with my coaches support I persevered and now yoga is a regular part of my routine.

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