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Today we continue the inspirational story of Danielle.

Throughout the year, Danielle will share her amazing story of transformation as she explains how she went from a size 14 to a size 6, changed her mindset, training and nutrition, and lost over 2 stone in weight.


At U fit most people start their journeys using hunger as a guide rather than calorie counting and this was how I lost the majority of my weight, however there comes a time when calorie and macro counting can be useful and a great tool. I currently use myfitnesspal as a resource to track my calories, protein, carbs and fat each day. With a target set by my coach. This is a great way to ensure my body is getting everything it needs to support the amount of training I do and my activity levels. I actually need a high amount of calories to maintain my body weight which is where using hunger alone as a guide can sometimes be counter productive. It allows me to stay on track and really learn about which foods contain what macronutrients. I have been very surprised about how many calories are in certain foods and it has been a real eye opener. I won't track my calories forever but I do feel it is a very useful tool at this stage in my journey where I am learning lots about nutrition and what works best for my individual body.

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