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Today we continue the inspirational story of Danielle.

Throughout the year, Danielle will share her amazing story of transformation as she explains how she went from a size 14 to a size 6, changed her mindset, training and nutrition, and lost over 2 stone in weight.


At U Fit we all have a unique training program, designed specifically to help us reach our personal goals and taking into account any injuries or restrictions we may have. This changes every 4-6 weeks which is great as it never gets boring and your body Is constantly challenged. There are always going to be some exercises that we enjoy more than others, for me I find SHELC and Bulgarian split squats very challenging and when I see them on my program I am filled with fear... haha, however, my coach explained to me that these challenging exercises are the most important as they are working the weakest points in my body and making me stronger.

I have now flipped my mindset so I no longer dread these exercises but see them as an opportunity to become stronger and better!

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