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Cutting out fat

It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

Fat to me was always something that I used to cut away from my steak on a meal out. The only fat that I understood was usually attached to meat and had to be removed. I also knew that it was bad for me, but that was as far as my knowledge went.

When I joined U Fit, I learnt more about food and nutrition than I even knew existed. When I sat with my coach, and he explained that fat wasn't all bad and that it wasn't just what I saw on meat, I was surprised.
He then went on to explain that I should have a little fat with each meal and that there was a whole host of healthy fats that I could be eating.

Introducing healthy fats into my meals was difficult at first, mainly because I had never even tried avocado, or added seeds to dinners. After a couple of weeks of trial and error, I started to understand more about fats and where I could make healthy choices.

I realise now that it's more than just cutting the fat from my steak, it's about adding fat to my food.
Cutting out fat
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