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Coached Vs Alone

It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

From my time at U Fit I've learnt a multitude of things about myself and how I react in different environments. In particular, when it comes to training, I have discovered that I train very differently with a coach than by myself.

I remember the first time that I trained alone in the gym; admittedly I did find it quite daunting. Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing, and I could barely remember what my coach had shown me the day before!

In no time at all, I got to grips with the program and enjoyed coming in by myself…...I became confident. What I started to notice was that once I had learned the program, the intensity that I had trained at was somehow different from when I was with a coach. I knew the exercises, but something from the formula was missing.

As I had more sessions with a coach, I realised that a coach could tune into my training style, technique and mood and could push me differently each session. Each time I would finish a session with a coach and feel like my body had been turned into jelly…. I was smashed! Comparing this to when I trained by myself, I knew that I wasn't finishing the session feeling the same way.

I started to tune into what was different when I trained alone. I realised that I was taking far longer in between exercises. As for rest periods, well they were waaaaaaayyyy longer.

I started to get more disciplined for not letting myself rest longer than I should. I began to make sure that I had set up the next exercise before I started. I listened to what I was told by my coach when I trained. I wanted to take whatever I could from the training session with my coach and transfer it to my time alone.

I learnt to cherish the time that I had with my coach as it was the time I had to learn how I could work hard, more efficiently and by myself.

Even now, as a coach myself, I still enjoy being coached. I still want to learn how to adjust my exercises and techniques in new and different ways. I still want to make sure I'm setting my own pace and transferring everything I learn into my own time, even if it means I can't walk the next day!
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