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It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

There are entire restaurants and fast food chains dedicated to them -chickens! ☺

Considered to be a stable of the roast dinner on a Sunday, this household bird is part of any meat eaters diet.

The rise of industrial, on mass, farming of chicken has made chicken more accessible than ever, cheaper than ever, and in some cases poorer nutritional value than ever before.

One free range chicken breast will give you:

130 calories.

25g of protein.

3g of fat.

While it is an excellent source of protein, chicken does not have any noticeable of vitamins or minerals.

The fat content of farmed chicken will look higher, and you may find that you are cutting away substantial parts of the meat before you cook it. Aside from the nutritional content, from an ethical point of view, some will choose to avoid farm chicken because the way in which they are housed, bred and fed.

Whether it's a roast or a wrap, chicken is versatile and is a great way to gain protein into your meals. ☺

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