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Cheating reps


It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

Happy Sunday everyone.Here is our next blog from Coach Helen Gribble. Have you ever cheated at reps in the gym?! Enjoy the read!

I've worked hard in my session, and the sweat is dripping from me. I've got one last exercise left with twelve reps, and it's a killer - I feel like all my muscles are burning. I get to eleven reps…. there's just one left….

There are two thoughts that run through my head

: "YES!!! I'm going to smash this last rep…. HARD!!!!"

Followed by:

"I've worked hard - hard enough - I know I could do it! Buuuuut…I'll leave this last rep."

Despite knowing that there's one more in the tank that little voice says, "it's okay to give in, it's okay just to let that last rep slip."

When I gave in to the voice at first, I would think; "Yes, that was the right thing to do". But then slowly I would feel disappointed in myself. I would know that I could have finished and that I had somehow cheated.

As time went on, the weights became heavier, it got harder, and that little voice got louder. Ultimately, I knew that by not completing the reps the only person that I would be cheating was myself. I had to find a way to resist the temptation not to finish that last rep.

For me, the first step was to start thinking about my goal as hard as possible and to keep the image in my head of what I wanted. I started thinking about how great I would feel when I got there…how great I would look and how disappointed I would feel if I chose to give in. I started to talk the voice down, telling myself there was no option to leave the last rep.

It started to work!! I could stop the temptation to cheat myself, finish strong and feel great. Beating that voice made me feel fantastic and showed me that I could push myself further.

You might even hear me in the gym talking to that voice, telling myself to "come on!" (Yes, I know it looks crazy.) Even now, I still hear the voice. But what I've learnt is that I can drown it out with my own goals and determination.

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