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Changing Tastes


Here is our next blog from Coach Helen Gribble! All about how our taste's begin to change as we become fitter and healthier. Enjoy!

Before joining U Fit, my taste was varied, fried chicken, burgers, and pizza; I liked a wide range of fast and unhealthy foods.

Joining U Fit opened the door to a whole new way of living and eating. At first, I still enjoyed the foods that I was used to, fast food Friday was something that I wanted to keep in my life.

After several months of adding in healthier choices along with my fast food, I started to notice a shift. I began to favour healthier options over the food that I used to love.

One day when looking at pizza I realised that I didn't want it, I didn't even like the look of it! As for fried chicken…eeeewww.

Through introducing a broader, healthier, variety of food into my life, I had inadvertently changed my taste and my appetite for certain foods.

Now, my food is genuinely varied!

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