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Celebrating without food


It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

When I cast my mind back to growing up, the celebrations with my family and friends always centred around food and drink. Whether it was a birthday or passing an exam, it was always a night out that was our way of getting together.

As I grew up, celebrations remained the same; the immediate thought would be what restaurant to book and who to invite. By the time I was an adult, it would be an excuse to get together with friends and family, all events revolved around food.

When I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle at U Fit, the way that I celebrated and the goals that I wanted did not match as well as I hoped. I found it challenging to find different ways to celebrate without eating or drinking.

When I spoke to my coach, he explained that it was going to take more effort on my part to find other ways of celebrating. I knew that it would involve a conversation with those closest to me to explain. I was nervous that they would not understand and that it would be difficult.

I was surprised that it was easier than I thought, people in my life understood what I wanted to achieve and were willing to work together with me to find solutions. If it meant meeting up to celebrate at home, then that was okay. If it was a cup of coffee and not a cocktail that was also okay.

I still enjoyed, and do now, a night out to celebrate something historical in my life. The difference is now I have a healthy balance with nights in to celebrate too. 😊

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