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Being hard on yourself


It is time for another U Fit Blog from Coach Helen Gribble! We hope you enjoy it and, as always, comment below with any questions or insights!

I would say that I am a perfectionist at heart. I want everything to be as perfect as I can make it, and 100% has to mean just that.

When I joined U Fit, my drive for perfection went crazy. I wanted to do the best that I could, all the time. I would do everything in my power to get everything just right and berate myself when I could not achieve it.

I was making mistakes and yet time and time again I would be hard on myself for not getting it 'just right'.

I sat down with my coach and discussed how I was feeling. He pointed out that I was still learning and that making mistakes were all part of the process. He also reminded me of all the things that I had done well, and the achievements that I had made.

In the strive to push forwards and to keep achieving perfection, I had forgotten to take stock of what I had accomplished or to allow myself to enjoy my successes.

I am still aware that I seek perfection, I also know that it's okay if I'm not there yet. 

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