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Basal Metabolic Rate

Did you know that just by sitting reading this article you're burning calories?

While we often think that activity is the way that we burn through what we consume, actually even our essential bodily functions require calories.

If you imagine that you are asleep, you've not eaten for a while, your heart is beating, and you're merely breathing. Your body, down to cell level, is doing the bare minimum to keep you alive. The name for this is your basal metabolic rate.

Your basal metabolic rate is the bare minimum that your body needs to maintain vital functions in your body.

An interesting factoid is that out basal metabolic rate, or BMR accounts for a massive 70% of the energy that we use each day. So, 70% of what we use in energy each day goes towards just staying still and breathing!!

Some example of what our bodily functions need:

  • Our heart needs 600 Kcals per kg of heart weight.
  • Our Kidneys need around 400 Kcals per kg of kidney weight.
  • Our liver needs around 300Kcal per kg of liver weight.

While activity is still vital and tips the energy scales towards our health goals, it's great to be aware that it isn't as simple as energy in versus energy out.

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