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Balance of Stress


How stressed are you right now?

With modern life taking us through the day at high speed it can feel like the world can become overwhelming.

It's natural to think that stress is always a bad thing but is it?

Stress will push our limits, and in doing so takes us further in the direction of what we want to achieve. The right level of stress will act as a motivator on our behaviours and drive us to find solutions. It will create clarity in our thinking and keep us highly motivated.

Challenges arise when the perceived amount of stress is higher than the level we can manage, and we lack the preparation to meet the demands that it has on our bodies.

Bad levels of stress can result in paralysis and a lack of motivation, ending in a crash and burn moment where everything goes out the window.

Finding the perfect balance between the two points of good and bad stress is tricky. However, if the balance should shift towards bad, there are some techniques to tip the scales back to the perfect spot.

  • Take time – Whether it's time with a loved-one, listening to music, a walk, take time to yourself to relax and breathe.
  • Meditation – Learning the art of breathing and removing your mind from the things in your life that are causing stress.
  • Exercise – Book in a session with the team and release the days pressure on the slam balls or watt bike.

Work, family, food, training and stress are all parts of life that we manage daily. Keep a check on your stress levels just as you would any other part of your life. 😊

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