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After training four times a week my body felt great


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After training four times a week my body felt great. I could do that every week….and I did. After a couple of months, I started to notice that my body didn't feel as great as it did. Parts of me were aching and had in fact turned from aching to pain.

I mentioned it to my coach and he encouraged me to seek help, get it looked at and understand what was wrong. I thought to myself; "If I ignore it for long enough, it'll just go away!", so I did just that.

Another two weeks and I was still in pain….and it was still getting worse. In fact, it had got so bad that I could no longer train. At this point, my coach was adamant that help was required. After some attention from a great physio, the pain was elevated. She gave me some great exercises to keep the pain at bay…the only catch? I had to do them every day.

One month later and I was back in pain, I had neglected my exercises. The pain had vanished and, so I hadn't seen any need to do them until it was too late.

This time my coach sat me down and we had a serious talk about how reactive I was being, rather than proactive. Rather than put the few minutes of work in it took to keep my body healthy I was choosing to wait until I had a bigger problem on my hands.

My coach helped me to understand that I was only damaging myself further and in turn hampering my progress by not keeping it the best shape possible. Now I regularly keep up with any physio that I need and ensure that I do everything that I can to stay ahead of any aches and pains, keeping myself training and feeling great.😊

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