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Here is the latest Blog from Coach Helen Gribble – ENJOY!

Everyone's journey to a healthier life is different and will have it's own challenges and successes.

If I could impart any advice to anyone at the beginning of the journey it would be this…

It's okay to be scared, change is scary, and takes you away from being comfortable. There will be points where it seems too much, and you'll want to stay just as you are, and that's entirely normal.

Expect bumps in the road; they are normal too. You may feel like they've knocked you down, but they're there to help you learn. Take some time to understand why it happened, so that you can handle it differently in the future.

Ask for help when you need it because you will need it from your coach at U Fit, other U Fitters, friends and family. They all want to see you achieve your goals, and you don't have to do it alone.

Finally, enjoy the journey. In striving to achieve movement forwards don't forget what's going on around you. Acknowledge the compliments and comments that you receive, they help you appreciate that change has already arrived. J

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