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Adding vegetables

Here is the latest Blog from Coach Helen Gribble – ENJOY!

I understood that vegetables were essential for me too and that everyone told me I should be getting five a day…I never knew how on earth I was meant to fit them all into my plan!?

When I joined U Fit, I had decided that the only way to get five pieces of fruit and vegetables into my diet was to stick only to fruit. I would quite happily sit and eat several apples, banana, a packet of grapes and a pear….every day.

For me, this was hitting my target and doing great things to my body. When I sat down with my coach at U Fit, I realised that I didn't know the full picture. He explained to me all the fruit that I was eating contained sugar, natural sugar, but still sugar. I was shocked; it wasn't like I was eating five chocolate bars a day…I had not realised that you could have too much of a good thing.

We worked together to look at different ways that I could introduce vegetables into my meals. For example, putting spinach in my smoothies, steaming some carrots, kale or broccoli for lunch and adding more new veggies to my evening meal. Yes, I could also have fruit but in smaller portions.

It took more planning than before for my food, but it was worth it. As I had started to add more vegetables to my meals, they became tastier and actually, I felt fuller.

Getting five a day is not a challenge anymore, I enjoy planning out my meals and creating more combinations of vegetables to keep it tasty and appetising. :)

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