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Accepting compliments


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I was always awful at accepting a compliment.

Something inside me would twitch, and I would instantly feel uncomfortable. Worse still I would find an inability to speak, creating either an awkward silence or a kind of weird mumble would escape my lips that made me sound like a strangled animal.

Imagine the horror I felt when people started to notice that I was losing weight and positively showering me with compliments. While some might have revelled at the prospect, my inner twitch and mumble were kicking into overdrive.

When I started to think about why I was experiencing these feelings I realised that my challenge was that I didn't believe what people were saying. I had stopped positively viewing myself and my body. I could not understand why other people were seeing something different to me.

I challenged myself to respond differently to the next compliment that I received. Simply smiling and saying, "thank you" might seem like a baby step, to me it was a huge leap.

As I became more and more comfortable in my response, I expanded. I would explain how I did it, and I would talk about U Fit passionately.

I'm now at the point that I'm singing my praises, saying "Yes, I've worked hard". I'm whipping out my progress pictures like a ninja and grinning like a monkey at their responses.

I have become more comfortable accepting the compliments as I became more comfortable in my own body. I was positively looking at my body, and I was seeing what everyone else could.

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