Anita Kang


Initial goal was to lose some stomach fat and feel fit.

Did you achieve it?

Yes. 12 months later, she has exceeded all her own expectations and is now a professional model.

How has your life has changed since adopting the U Fit philosophy?

Anita says “I thought I was confident before I joined UFit but with my new body and outlook my life has reached another level. Not only has my stomach disappeared but I’ve got a healthy physique – not skinny but strong. Going shopping for clothes has become a pleasure and I’ve learned how to make healthy choices whilst still enjoying an active family and social life – even at those foodie Punjabi weddings! And the best bit is, I’m actually eating double the amount I used to – I used to skip breakfast now I’m eating 5-6 meals a day AND I didn’t have to give up curry! UFit doesn’t feel like a conventional gym or diet plan; it has become a way of life.”